Selling Your Home During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed our way of life, especially when it comes to moving and selling your home. The stress on the process has quadrupled when you think about allowing strangers in during multiple showings and open houses. There IS an easier, stress-free way that has been around for many years before the pandemic – Private Selling.

A private sale of a home takes place between the seller and a known buyer; with a known price and an agreed deadline. Once you’ve settled on those 2 big factors (price and date), you can plan your next steps with confidence. And because this is a private transaction between you and the buyer, no one else has to know that you are selling the house AND for how much. Many sellers prefer to keep this mode of privacy as opposed to a big “For Sale” sign on their lawn.

Unlike the “traditional” process of home selling, there is no staging, public showings or bidding on the market. The fear of virus transmission through random strangers in your home is reduced and you can even opt for virtual communication with the buyer if you’d like. Private buyers tend to be very respectful of your schedule and convenience, and will not ask you to vacate your house for any showings.

The greatest stress of a home sale is in cleaning, organizing and staging. Those are all eliminated in a private sale. Many private buyers will take your house AS-IS, meaning that you can just leave it in the state that it is in and walk away. No time, energy or funds to renovate? No worries at all. Private buyers offer sellers the convenience and peace of mind with this arrangement and charge nothing for junk removal and repairs.

To top it all off, private buyers don’t charge a commission or closing fee. If you feel your expenses are increasing from this pandemic or your livelihood has been affected, keep those thousands of dollars that you would otherwise pay to a realtor for yourself. Private buyers also pay out in cash which you can use to immediately put toward your next home or reduce certain debts.

If you are considering to sell your home during this crisis, reach out to us for a chat. By understanding the process, you can put your mind at ease and sell your house safely and with confidence.

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