Selling Due To Divorce

Selling a house during a divorce can be one of the most difficult and emotionally taxing things to do. Over time as memories build up in the house, letting it go due to unfortunate circumstances is a painful process. Although the idea of holding onto the house may seem feasible now, often times it is too much of a cost to bear alone and individuals look for smaller housings that are better suited to their new budget.

Once you come to an agreement to sell your house, here are some things to keep in mind.

Don’t Rush To Move, But Don’t Drag Your Feet Either

You might want to get out of the place as soon as possible, taking in any amount that anyone is willing to offer. But as with any major decision, don’t rush with a big sale or a big purchase. Vacating the house may leave the wrong impression for buyers (i.e. major problems with the house) and you might attract low-ball offers when buyers sense your urgency. Keep a level head and work out a feasible schedule for selling, moving and settling into a new home.

Keep Calm And Hold Calm Discussions

Regardless of the tension, both you and your ex-spouse own the house. Decisions therefore have to be made with both your agreements. Rational thinking and actions must dominate so don’t give in to petty fights and spiteful actions. Discuss what both of you are willing to accept for an offer, a closing date, and the roles each of you will play in the process (e.g. You may be the lead contact to the buyer, your ex-spouse handles the paperwork and finances). Envision a best-case scenario for both parties in the end and work towards that.

Should You Reveal Divorce As A Reason for Selling?

There are pros and cons for this. It helps to be upfront and honest with buyers who can then deal with your situation with more sensitivity. But if you fear that you may attract the wrong sort of impression (i.e. desperate sale, low-ball offers), you can simply state that you are downsizing or moving to another location. You aren’t legally obliged to disclose your reason for selling, but at the same time, selling a house due to divorce is sadly becoming a more common situation nowadays that it may not garner unusual attention.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Heading into divorce may seem like going into a long and dark tunnel, but there is always an end to that tunnel. Think positively and look toward your new path. If there are kids involved, get them excited about the move by showing them images of the new home and amenities nearby. If you want to minimize the possible areas of tension during the selling process, consider a private sale where you can just let go of the home without renovations, staging, showings and biddings. As always, the more you read and understand about a new process, the more reassured you’ll be. You can start with looking at our How It Works section and giving us a call to ask any questions.

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